Procera® Zirconia



Procera® Zirconia has substantial advantages compared to other convectional dental materials. The copings are designed using CAD/CAM technology. giving very precise fIt. The final Procera® Zirconia restorations are strong. beautiful and proven. Working with

Procera® allows you to achieve the ultimate in cosmetic dentistry. Just continue placing the crown, bridge or laminate on the appropriate implant or tooth with conventional cement or bonding.

Porcera Crowns
Porcera Crowns

3M" ESPE" Lava" ® Zirconia


3M" ESPE" Lava" ® Zirconia, has excellent

optical and mechanical properties. The framework can be shaded in seven different colors (FSl - F57), various framework designs can me made using

Lava CAD."CAD technology, and in addition minimal tooth preparation is required.

Lava Crownswith Zimmer Atlantis Abutment
3 Unit Lava Zirconia Frame
Screw Retained Zirconia Frame with Layerd Porcelain



Creation CP is a versatile pressable dental ceramic for fabricating inlays, onlays, veneers and single crowns. The long-term behavior and firing and dimensional stability of this material are exceptional.

Creation Pressables Ceramic
Creation Pressables Ceramic

E-Max Pressables all-ceramic system addresses your aesthetic considerations with a shaded translucent pressed core and layering porcelain for veneers, crowns and three unit bridges. The light scattering properties of this combination of materials enhance the ability for the dental ceramist to simulate natural dentition. Most important it provides an extremely high degree of fit to the tooth because of the controlled procedures and pressing technology.